Food: The Ivy (Los Angeles)

'The Ivy' by night.Being a celebrity gossip queen, it comes as no surprise that I Googled ‘LA celebrity hot spots’ before my recent trip to Los Angeles.

One restaurant that kept popping up was The Ivy, and I found countless photos of famous people dining here – think the Kardashians, the Hiltons, Sofia Vergara, Helena Bonham Carter and even Patrick Stewart!

I can see why the restaurant has gained such a famous following – it has gorgeous country-cottage rooms that are prettily decorated with rustic antiques and fresh flowers. So let’s get on with my night at The Ivy


After being warmly welcomed to our seats by the wait staff, the four of us (my fiance, my sis and her fiance) began to marvel at all the beautiful rustic decor. Well, when I say ‘we’ I mean my sis and I – the boys kept telling us to stop taking photos!


I perused the menu for a long time before finally deciding on the lobster club sandwich with freshly cut french fries. With a $35.75 price tag, I was hoping for something extra special!


As we sipped on promptly delivered cocktails, my sis and I became ‘snappy happy’ and took photos of all the knick knacks and decorations around the restaurant.


It wasn’t too long before the meals arrived. The serving sizes were large, however it was strange eating a club in which the lobster was cold and the rest of the sandwich was warm. The lobster itself was really delicious so I ate it separately!

The monstrous lobster club. I couldn't eat it all!

A self-confessed sweet-tooth, I must say the desserts were far more impressive than the main courses. With phrases such as ‘Fresh Key Lime Pie’, ‘Ricky’s Triple-Layer Chocolate Cake a La Mode’, and ‘Apple Blackberry Crumble with Homemade Tahitian Vanilla Gelato’, I became hungry all over again.


I decided on the ‘Creme Brulee’ and let me say every mouthful was heaven. I was so full but I kept shovelling it down my throat as the flavour was one of the best I have ever tried! The rest of the crew ordered a banana split (with a whole extra plate full of toppings), profiteroles with homemade pistachio, caramel and praline gelato (yes it’s inside), and The Ivy sundae.

Vic's banana split - so much food that you can't even see the banana. And yes, that side dish is various toppings for this mind-boggling dessert!

The profiteroles with homemade pistachio, caramel and praline gelato (yes it's inside).

Told you it was inside!

The famous 'Ivy' sundae.

All desserts were served with The Ivy’s homemade cookies. I must say they were well-baked, even if my stomach was about to explode as I nibbled on one!


Unfortunately, I didn’t see any celebrities during my visit to The Ivy, but the delightful decor and decadent desserts more than made up for this. I still feel so lucky to have visited this charming little place.

Have you been to The Ivy? Were you lucky enough to spot a celeb? Post your stories below!

The Ivy
Where: 113 N Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
When: Brunch, lunch and dinner
Cost: From $12.75


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