Travel: The World’s Biggest Rocking Horse (Gumeracha, South Australia)

If you’ve taken a road trip or two in Australia, you will know that the land down under is also known as the land of big things – big statues to be exact!

Now you may have heard of the Big Pineapple on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland or the Big Golden Guitar in Tamworth, New South Wales. So here is another one of these big objects you can visit – The Big Rocking Horse!

Located in Gumeracha, which is a 40-minute drive from Adelaide in South Australia, it was designed by David McIntosh, weighs 25 tonnes and is over 18 metres tall.


For just $2, you are able to climb to the top of the world’s largest rocking horse and will receive a certificate to prove you’ve done it. Just make sure you wear flat shoes – it’s ladders all the way up!


Next to the imposing steel structure is a toy factory, cafe and wildlife park (where you can feed kangaroos, wallabies and emus).


I enjoyed Devonshire tea in the Big Rocking Horse’s cafe before heading off to my next destination in the Adelaide Hills.

Tip: The Toy Factory sells both local and imported wooden toys – make sure you check the labels carefully!

452 Torrens Valley Road
Gumeracha, South Australia
Prices: $2 to climb The Big Rocking Horse; $1 to enter the wildlife park; $2 to feed the animals; $8.50 for Devonshire tea.


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