Food: The Plaza Hotel Afternoon Tea, New York


The Plaza Hotel is a New York icon. Featured in countless television shows and movies, such as Sex and the City, Bride Wars, Sleepless in Seattle, and Home Alone 2, it was my dream to visit the place where “nothing unimportant ever happens”.


With my heart set on ordering a dessert buffet and spending the night in my 5-star suite a la Kevin McCallister, I began looking up prices as part of my trip to New York. I breathed a sigh of disappointment though when I saw that the cheapest suite was $595 – I would never be able to afford that.

A moment later, a light bulb went off in my head – I could book in for afternoon tea instead!


And so a few weeks later, the four of us (my sister, her fiance, my fiance and myself) sat down graciously in the Palm Court to ‘The New Yorker’ afternoon tea – a selection of savouries, sandwiches, scones and sweets priced at $65 per person.


We hadn’t had lunch, so were very pleased when the attentive waiter immediately offered us loose leaf tea (this little detail won me over instantly  – I hate it when you’re offered teabag tea), then brought out the 3-tiered stands moments later.


We ate our way through the delicate savouries, smothered our freshly baked scones in lemon curd, preserves and cream and sipped on our perfectly brewed tea (of which I chose the Big Ben English Breakfast, with milk and one) . By this stage, my stomach was screaming at me, but I couldn’t give up on sweets…



I downed the lemon meringue and chocolate pasty before realising I actually couldn’t fit anything else in! At least I would only need a small dinner that night…


We paid for our afternoon tea, before taking a wander around the Plaza Hotel to begin the long and treacherous journey of burning off our overindulgence. I found the hotel’s boutique and purchased a gorgeous tin depicting the famous building during the four seasons of the year. To this day, it sits on the top of my bookshelf as a reminder of the amazing time I had here.

Have you been lucky enough to stay in the Plaza Hotel? Post your experiences below!

The Plaza Hotel
768 5th Avenue, New York
Afternoon tea is available daily from 12pm-5pm.
Business casual dress code is required.
Book via OpenTable.


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