Travel: Ten travel tattoo trends

New york

Most people who know me also know of my extreme phobia of needles. Yes, I have passed out after an injection. Yes, I have fainted in a work meeting about EpiPens.

However, this has not stopped me admiring other people’s tattoos and wishing I was brave enough to get some ink that symbolises my love for travel. So without further ado, here are some of my favourite designs!

1. The Skyline

London-SkylineSource for both: Pinterest

This is probably my favourite type of travel tattoo of all time. However, if you’re looking to express your love for travel as a whole, this probably isn’t your best option – it only pays tribute to one city.

2. The Map

world mapSource: Tumblr

Map tattoos can range in size from a small one on your wrist to a large one on your back. Imagine if you marked the latter with a new ink dot every time you visited a new place!

3. The Wanderlust

wanderlust-tattoo-3-554x790Source: Tattoologist

Wanderlust is definitely the travel buzz word of the moment. Search Instagram with #wanderlust and you’ll find literally thousands of wanderlust tattoo variations.

4. The Camera

Kodak-MomentSource: Popsugar

A cute little tattoo to remember a snapshot in time – just make sure it’s not something negative (okay, appalling pun I know)! It is also a good option if it is your first time getting inked. 

5. The Plane


Another cute tattoo that can be made big or small. I would use this as motivation when I’m slaving away at work to save for my next trip!

6. The Coordinates

Coordinate tattooSource:

Want to show your love for a destination in a different way? Tattoo the longitude and latitude coordinates of the place you grew up, the first place you visited or even where your ancestors came from.

7. The Compass

compass tattooSource:

A cool symbol. Although you may constantly travel, you never lose sight of where you’re going!

8. The Free Bird

bird-cage-tattooSource: Pinterest

Illustrate your freedom and solo travel with a flying bird. Add an open birdcage for extra effect.

9. The Anchor

Ancor-Tattoo-On-FingresSource: Pinterest

Your home may be near the sea, or you simply want to symbolise strength and stability.

10. The Passport Stamps

Passport stamp tattooSource: Tumblr

One for the big ink enthusiasts! Every destination equals a new stamp – both in your passport and on your skin.

Now, over to you darling readers. Do you have a travel tattoo? And how did you let a tattoo artist, needle in hand, anywhere near your body while you were still conscious?!


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