Travel Tips: Make Travel Happen – A Guide to Selling Your Unwanted Stuff


Need to find some extra cash to fund your travel dreams? Over the past few weeks, I have been selling my unwanted goods so I can start planning and paying for my next trip.

Here is a rundown of my findings:

Gumtree -$900+ profit so far (just in 2015)

Source: Gumtree

I have found this site is best for selling big items such as furniture and white goods. I have also had some success selling tickets to shows, concerts and sporting events.

Pros:  It is free to advertise your goods and you don’t need to pay any seller fees on the completion of your sale.

Cons: I’ve had lots of no-shows, despite stating ‘no time-wasters’ on my advertisements.

Tips: Include lots of clear photos and write detailed descriptions. Always make sure someone is home with you when a potential buyer visits your house.

eBay – $940 profit so far

eBaySource: eBay

I have used eBay to sell a lot of brand new makeup (think Clinique and Napoleon), clothes from well-known stores with tags still attached (Triangl swimwear, Veronica Maine, Sportsgirl and Dangerfield to name a few), shopping vouchers and small electronic goods.

Pros: At the time I listed my goods, no fees were charged until the reserve price was met. Your unwanted goods can be viewed right across Australia so there is a good chance they will be sold.

Cons: You will generally need to build your feedback rating before you begin selling things so that buyers know they can trust you – the only way to do this is to make a few purchases yourself! You will be charged seller AND PayPal fees. Taking photos, writing descriptions and posting sold goods are all very time-consuming activities!

Tips: Include lots of clear photos and write detailed descriptions. Give positive feedback to buyers as soon as they’ve paid you. Post goods as soon as possible. Don’t offer free postage as you may have to outlay more money than you receive (I got caught out with a heavy book when I was new to eBay and ended up losing $4 overall). Start your auctions on a Thursday night and let them run for 10 days – they will run over two weekends and end on a Sunday night (eBay’s busiest time).

Markets – $320 profit so far


My friends and I have used our local markets when we’ve needed to get rid of a lot of stuff quickly. Then we donate our unsold goods to a charity shop (I like to give them to the Animal Welfare League thrift shop because I love animals) or keep them for a future stall. Check your local classifieds for information about markets in your area.

Pros: Entry fees are cheap ($15-$20 which you can then split if you go with a friend or two). You will halve your collection of goods in 4-5 hours, provided you’re willing to sell things cheaply.

Cons: People will haggle and can be quite rude about it. My $150+ Witchery dress that I priced at $5 was haggled down to $3. Yes, my heart still breaks when I think about that sale. Some people may start looking through your bags as you are setting up your stall – keep a watchful eye on them.

Tips: Make sure you have an ‘everything must go’ attitude. Leave your expensive items for selling on eBay. Don’t waste your time with price labels, unless it’s something general (for example, ‘Everything on this table $2’). Put your clothes on a rack so they can be seen easily. Take ANYTHING you have lying around at home – people buy the strangest things!

As you can see, I have made $2160 this year alone by selling all my unwanted goods. Not bad for someone who navigated each venture on her own!

I would like to know, dear reader, how you sell your unwanted goods. Have you tried any other successful selling platform? Tell me about it in the comments below!


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