Food: La Pecora Nera and Gaslight Collectables (Burra, South Australia)

La Pecora Nera (The Black Sheep) is rapidly gaining popularity with people who pass through Burra. Having visited this Italian restaurant a couple of years ago on our way to Broken Hill, N and I were keen to see whether it was just as good as we remembered.

In our close circle of friends, this establishment is just as famous for its co-owner Paolo and his very baggy trackies. But, dear reader, I assure you the food was just as good as Paolo’s theatrics on this fine Saturday afternoon.

We rocked up for lunch with our newly engaged friends and immediately noticed how much it had expanded in two years. A big back room, more staff, and a relaxed-looking Paolo and Clare (his wife).  We immediately ordered the antipasti for four. I think I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

Burra 1

Burra 2

Such simple-looking dishes but the flavours were oh so right. Somehow only the Italians can get away with this!

Burra 3

The pizza was truly Italian in every way. Thin puffy bases with a selected few ingredients. I loved the prosciutto pizza it must be said! As our friend pointed out, this pizza was so much lighter than what we’d find in any other Italian restaurant back in Adelaide. It was therefore okay to gobble down an extra piece without feeling (too) sick.

Burra 4

Our dessert was two scoops of gelati each. I did want to try the tiramasu or cheesecake, but I think I would have exploded. Lemon and pistachio gelati was a delicious compromise though.

Burra 5

This restaurant takes me back to my time in Italy, where I overindulged in pizza, pasta, and gained two kilos overnight. Therefore, it’s probably a good thing that it located about two hours away from where I live. And, with drinks, it worked out to costing only $25 each. Okay, so we did share the pizzas, but you’ve got to admit that’s pretty good value!

Burra 6

I’d also like to quickly mention to Gaslight Collectables, where we went for a pot of tea after. It had amazing collectables and gorgeous vintage tea sets. I was tempted to have a scone with my cup of (tea bag) tea, but I couldn’t fit it in. Oh well, there’s always next time…

Burra 7

Now over to you, fine readers. Are there any restaurants in country towns that I should know about?

The Black Sheep
3 Upper Thames Street
Burra, SA
Ph: 0400 516 896

Gaslight Collectables
20 Market Street
Burra, SA
(08) 8892 3004


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