Travel: The benefits of hosting an exchange student


“Can you help me?!” was the cry from my good friend who works at a local high school. She was in charge of organising homestays for the visiting Year 10 students from Japan and couldn’t find anyone who was willing to have a student stay for ten days.

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Travel: Things to do in Los Angeles


Los Angeles. The city of celebrities, sun and salaries. Well, that’s what the movies and television shows had me believing.As I was touring around LA, however, I found it to be a place of extremes – the extremely rich but also the extremely poor. It was pretty confronting to see homeless people sleeping alongside the Hollywood Walk of Fame and something I definitely wasn’t prepared for.

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Travel: Things to do during a Singapore Stopover


Before embarking on my trip to Europe, the airline I was travelling with cancelled my flight and gave me one free night’s accommodation in Singapore. So, after switching to holiday mode by throwing back a Singapore Sling on the plane, here is what I got up to during my day in this amazing (and very clean) place…

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Travel: Cirque du Soleil presents The Beatles LOVE (Las Vegas, USA)


Growing up in a household where my parents always listened to music from ‘their era’, I have always been a huge Beatles fan. So when I saw that Cirque du Soleil had a show in Las Vegas called The Beatles LOVE, I just had to book tickets for my sister and I…

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